Bullet journal is a method by which one can schedule ,plan and analyse the days in a systematic and friendly way. The Bullet Journal is an analog system created by Ryder Carroll, a Designer based in New York. … The Bullet Journal is a organizational system in a notebook that keeps track of anything you would like to write down in an coherent way.It makes you feel productive for doing just about anything.It cab be used as a diary,we are free to write about anything,we can write about our memories,travel days,our favourite song,………..etc.It can be treated as a friend,to whom we can share everything.Your bullet journal is a creative outlet to help reduce your anxiety and stress .Lets look how to set up a bullet journal….


1.Buy a bullet journal

There are many bullet journal available,with different designs ,quality of paper and price.One of the most popular bullet journal is Leuchtturm1917 .The bujo [short for bullet journal ] having page quality 160 GSM is widely used ,but bujo can be started even in a normal notebook.There are many bujo available in the market which offers best quality paper and affordable price . Bujo are easily available in online

what to include in bullet journal ?

1.Start the bullet journal with your name

2.Write the key

A key is the symbols and marks used in the bujo.Just look at the picture of what to include in the key.

3.Now write the year,you can write in your own creative way or it can be a simple, as you wish.You can also include your favourite or inspiring quote in the same page.

4.Lets write the future log.

It is simply writing the months and dates of that year .You can leave some space for writing the important events of that year or you can use another page for that purpose

5. Goals

You can give a page or more gor writing your goals of that year,that can be your goals related to self development,career,travel list etc

The outline of a usual bullet journal is ready,now you can design your monthly or weekly spread for planning and scheduling each day.There are no rules for bullet jounalling ,and also its not necessary that you have to make you bujo as a creative art,it can be simple and minimalistic.

Begin your new year with a bullet journal and look how it has imporoved your life .Make each day special and productive.You cannot change your future, but you can make changes in the present to achieve your dreams


This year is going to end soon,so we all may be searching for the best bullet journal available and affordable . Bullet journalling is a more friendly type of diary, it can be used as a planner,a scrapbook,as an album…etc.,,so many things.Its a best option for those who are looking for planning and scheduling your days,those who wish to keep a track of their days. It can provide us a pleasure of being awareness about each day.

Nowadays, there are many bullet journals available ,gaining a wide range of popularity. The quality of the paper, its outer cover defines the price range of each bullet journal. Most of the leading bullet journals are not much affordable.


  • This is the one of the best affordable bullet journal in India.I have bought the product and it is so nice.It contain 248 pages ,along with cute stickers for journalling. It has an elastic outer ribbon , and a pen holder. It is not much ghosting with sketch pens and markers, but note that the page is not 160 gsm, so it may not be friendly towards all type of pens.It can be purchased from amazon,flipcart etc.The amount ranges from Rs.400 onwards.


Life is short. It’s a small world. You can make differences in you and your society. For a pleasant,charming life you may have to improve or correct yourself sometimes. It’s never late to start something new. When you realise who you are, you can make your own path, or else someone will do. So start spending some time with yourself . Find yourself, improve yourself if you need. Life is all about; ‘ready, set, go….’ You have no time for thinking of your past and worrying about your future, you have to live your present moment.What you have is this moment, make sure you are designing your life as you wish.

Here is some tips for a joyous living

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1.Be honest with yourself

Stop cheating yourself.When you cheat yourself, it keeps disturbing your mind. You may fail to get peace inside. It will lead you to a worser situation. So before doing something, ask yourself whether you can justify it, if not leave it. Prove yourself not the society .

2.Be kind

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”. It can make a normal man to a hero. You have to be kind to yourself and to other. It’s my word you feel better. Kindness is a way to make your heart pleasant.

3.Maintain your relationships

We are social beings. People need people.You don’t need a lot of friends or family. Even if you have a few ones , it is okay.Keep in contact with them, talk to them, ask help from them. Never try to distance your loved ones from you, it can only make you worser. It’s actually a strength to everyone’s life that we have someone who cares about us

4.Manage time

Normally we consider our day as the time between sunrise and sunset. We should learn to consider our 24 hour clock. Manage your time according to it. Wake up, do your works, spent time on your passions, take rest as per your plan. Planning can really make your days wonderful. The outcome of such a practice will be exciting. You will get more time when you plan a day


We are lazy enough to do our assignments properly sometimes, right? Is it because we are addicted to group work or had we lose the ability to take responsibility? Latter may be the reason. What do you care in this world the most? It’s yourself. Yeah, try to learn responsibility. Be aware of everything surrounded you, be responsible and realise your duties. Learn to be responsible and take responsibilities that can make you a world-class leader

The Journey Begins….

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  Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton      

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Share optimism and share love

I am here to share my experience. Once I went to my relative’s house. There was a man, almost 80 years of old. He had lost his memories partly,and is having health issues. He hardly remembered me and my mom. While we were talking to him, he said;’ I’m fine, my age is doing it’s business, that’s it. He was pleasant. It made me feel amazed. Yeah! He is already suffering a lot, but he is not concerned about it.

This is a kind of optimism. Even in his old age, he believes in being positive always. We all complain about how messed up our lives are. But you have to believe yourself, you are the hero of your life, make it as you wish